Allows for watching videos and playing games online

Allows for watching videos and playing games online

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Windows Android

The PC has such a huge share of the home computing market that many of the world's best platforms use Flash, and so now even Mac users find themselves in a situation where they need to install and use the Adobe Flash Player to view certain types of media.

Overview of Adobe Flash Player

Mac users had a few years there where their computers were the exact antithesis of a PC, and even their web media players were a lot different. However, with PC still gaining more of the market share, the biggest sites broadcast their content with Flash, and many Mac users have to turn to an Adobe Flash Player download so they're not left out. This is the quintessential basic media player for the average home computer, and there's nothing very fancy at all about the player.

The Flash player is an in-house product from Adobe and is available for free. There's no hidden fees or trial version; you can get this program for free, and it will work on anything Mac and Mac OS X and later.

How Adobe Flash Player Works

One of the best things about Flash is that it's an inbuilt player that works along with your browser(s). So instead of downloading and having to open up a standalone media player and load files into it, all you do is download this player and this it automatically gives itself access to your browser extensions, so you can watch webcam videos, YouTube, Bitchute, and other streaming videos without having to worry.

In the event you download the Flash player and it doesn't work, don't stress out too much. Just go into your browser settings, into your add-ons or extensions, and just give Adobe access. You won't have to worry about any other associated programs or tracking cookies.

Adobe Flash Player Features

There are not a whole lot of features with the Adobe Flash Player. However, you will often be prompted to update your player to the latest version. Be warned if you're new to Flash that this can get quite annoying. It may be about every week or so that you'll get a pop-up prompting you to download the newest version of Flash. You can just ignore this by and large, as old versions tend to work just fine. It's not open source, so every time they fix a bug, they update the entire package with a new version.

Flash is quite the powerful little player, however. If you really wanted to get into it on more than an in-browser player level, it can be used as a game engine, and you can actually start to build Flash-based games for the computer. However, this is going to require quite a bit of know-how on your part.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Flash Player


  • Totally free download
  • Gives access to all the web's most popular content
  • Super easy to install and use
  • Is also a game engine


  • Constant update prompts are annoying
  • Has a tendency to crash and ask permission to use